Please note that your private keys never leave your machine or get saved anywhere.
That said we recommend you read over the code on GitHub and verify this page is being hosted by GitHub

Step 1: Locating Funds

This app needs your private information in order to find and move your funds. It is safe to put your information here because it is not recorded or transmitted from your machine. Also when you are done you will have moved the funds to a new wallet so the information will not be helpful to hackers.
If you have a recovery file use this to upload:
Most newer wallets use a 12 to 24 word seed phrase or a private key. Please enter below:

*Multiple keys can be entered with coma(,) or spaces in between.

Server: Check for DigiAssets(http://createdigiassets.com):

Step 2: Verify Balance

On the next page we will get where to send the funds to. For now please verify we have found all the funds you are trying to recover.
Total DGB Found: DGB

Please verify this is expected value

Step 3: Recipients

Pick up to 100 addresses to send the DGB to

If you need a reliable wallet to send your DigiByte to I recommend Coinomi.
Recipient Address(Must start with S or D):

Thanks for using DigiSweep

Donation Address:


Please Wait Processing

Export Keys

Warning the below file contains private data. Be very cerful how you store it.

CSV Key File

Checking Common Paths:

Getting Balance:

Scanning balance of private keys

Getting UTXOs:

Currently gathering all unspent outputs(UTXO) for the requested addresses.
This may take a minute.

DigiAsset Found:

Asset ID:
Asset Name:
Asset Issuer:
Asset Description:
Asset Quantity:
New Address:



Sending send command to server.
Your private keys do not leave this machine
only signatures proving you know them.

Password Protected Input:

Please provide a list of passwords we should try. 1 per line.


Password Protected Input:

Please provide a list of passwords we should try. 1 per line.


Decoding Key


Unspendable Coins Found

DGB was in UTXO that can not yet be spent(or Assets where present). To send that part of the balance you will have to try again later. The rest can be sent now.